What makes your gender?

Sakris Kupila was a teenager when he realised that the gender he was given at birth doesn’t express who he is. After facing intimidation and threats in Finland, he campaigned with Amnesty International for a fairer system for transgender people.

In Portugal, he attended multiple conferences on LGBTI+ rights, that culminated in an event that took place in Lisbon, with the presence of activists, organizations, researchers, and politicians. The promotion of this event was based on the Portuguese wordplay “O que faz o teu género?“, translatable into English as “What makes your gender?” or “What makes you type?”, both possible meanings of the word “género“. It was created an interactive experience that invited people to take a selfie with their phones, that was uploaded to a system and combined with others to compose new faces. It intended to raise awareness to transgender rights and gender identity issues. There is more to gender identity than assigned sex or looks, it is a personal conception of oneself.

Experience concept and programming, design, photography.
Project developed while working as Brand engagement manager for Amnesty International – Portugal.