the other side

“The other side” experiment is part of AGIR magazine – series IX, nº1, a publication of Amnesty International Portugal. On the printed magazine, the reader is invited to pick up his phone and scan a QRCode to see why “a school day is not the same for every children”. In an interactive web application, he can hear the sound of children giggling and playing in a Portuguese school and he is challenged to rotate his phone 180º, what triggers an ambient sound of a war scenario. In Syria, children risk being attacked, injured or killed.

This experience aims to raise awareness of the importance of welcoming these children and their families, who are forced to flee their homes in need for security and a fresh start. All countries can help protect refugees through resettlement and other safe and legal routes, and that is why we invite people to sign our “I welcome” manifest.

Concept, design and development.
Project developed while working as Brand engagement manager for Amnesty International – Portugal.