I open the door

We can’t ignore what we see. The Faheed family, who after a long and dangerous journey from Iraq found a safe place. Fatima, Rafat and Yahya, from Syria, who run the Mezze restaurant. Nazri, from Palestine and Syria, who are part of the theatre group Refugiacto. Nour, from Syria, who study architecture at the University of √Čvora. Alan, who created an import and export platform with the Middle East.

Choose a value. Ring the bell. Enter the house, close the door and sit comfortably. See the story of their courage and how their arrival was positive for the communities in which they were inserted. All stories focus on three aspects: what made people leave their countries of origin; their journey, their arrival and their request for refugee status; their current life and their connection with their communities.

This interactive experience is an invitation to open the door to all these people and what they represent: Love, Diversity, Culture, Education, the Future… it is the moment to open our arms and open the door.

Exhibited during “Forum da Coragem”, 7th to 9th December 2018, at Portuguese Communications Foundation – Lisbon.

Concept, production, programming, design and electronics.
Project developed while working as Brand engagement manager for Amnesty International – Portugal.