Explore the English World with Dr.I

“Explore the English World with Dr. I” is a collection of interactive activity sets based on BridgingBook technology. There are 5 titles: Fun Trips, In my Home, Meet the animals, Meet the People and Travel and Transport that allow children to learn English language as they explore different contexts. Each kit comprises a cardboard book that works alongside with an app.

Graphics integration, animation, sound and iOS/Android app development.

The Explore the English World with Dr. I Series is the joint creation of I-Square Education Center and Beluga Ltd. I-Square Education is one of the leading English learning centers in Hong Kong and specializes in offering high quality English programs to young learners. Beluga Limited is a subsidiary of Hung Hing Printing Group, specializes in developing innovative products to stimulate and enhance children’s learning experience.
Images: http://www.littlemusician.hk/explore-the-english-world-with-dr-i/