Entra na minha casa

The project ‘Entra na minha casa’ [Come into my house] aims to explore firstly the subject of everyday life, of small gestures and common daily habits, by the invitation to participation and visual contents creation.

It consists of two major areas: the first area is an online repository of videos about daily life, shared by users through the social network Facebook; the second is the small house where the collected videos are displayed. The house is divided in six rooms and its front has dissimulated sensors that will enable users’ touch or proximity interaction and therefore trigger the corresponding video.

The simplicity of everyday gestures common to all people and places around the world, become relevant and interesting when shared and compared. The notion of intimacy and privacy between object, scene and user is crucial and it is proposed by the artifact’s dimension. The curiosity to peek into compartments, through the small openings, and being surprised by familiar surroundings gives immersion to the narrative. The invitation to approach, touch and invade the space refers to the dichotomy between public and private space.

By re-contextualizing shared content through Facebook, the boundaries of the work are vanished: the user becomes part of the work rather than a simple viewer.

Ana Carina Figueiredo, Teresa Abreu
[Master in Technology and Digital Art – University of Minho]

View invitation video or first prototype video.