The world’s first BridgingBook

The world’s first BridgingBook was launched at the Hong Kong Education Expo. The technology developed at engageLab, is an innovative and smart learning product for the new generation of young readers.

This smartbook combines story-telling and tactile pages to deliver a multi-sensory learning experience. Each page introduces children to a number of popular animals living in four different habitats – farm, jungle, in the sky and under the sea. A specially-made mobile app is available and can be used to interact with the book. The Meet the Animals app works on both Apple iOS and Android devices.

By applying the BridgingBook technology, turning a page in the book automatically triggers content appears in the app to synchronize, and children can listen to a story read by professional voice about the animals and the habitat they live in. The app also provides guided instructions for children to touch, feel, and explore the feelable materials on each page. From start to end, this book delivers over 30 minutes of fun and learning to children. A fun tool for three-way visual, tactile, and listening association-building.

The book is part of an educational box set that comes with a sticker book, activity worksheets, puzzles and flashcards. As the first of its kind in the market, the project took nearly six month to complete from concept creation to prototyping and from printing production to mobile app development.

This is the first title the team is releasing in a series of smartbooks using the BridgingBook technology.