Bridging Book technology licensed

Hung Hing Printing Group Limited of Hong Kong has recently signed a worldwide exclusive license agreement with University of Minho of Portugal to incorporate their Bridging Book technology into its products. The license agreement gives Hung Hing the know-how and rights to create and manufacture products using their technology.

Bridging Book technology, developed by the laboratory engageLab at University of Minho, enables the creation of products that combine both the physical reading and learning experience with digital ones.  Bridging Book consists of a special printed book and a digital device (tablet or smartphone), placed side-by-side, with synchronized content. Turning the book’s pages triggers the device to display complementary digital content to go along with the page within the physical book. This technology opens up tremendous opportunity for companies to create books that can work together with mobile devices to enhance children’s reading, learning experience and overall development.  The physical book requires no batteries or wires.

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About engageLab, University of Minho
engageLab is a laboratory at the intersection of arts and technology established by researchers of two research centres at University of Minho, the Centre for Communication and Society Studies and the Centre Algoritmi. engageLab aims to be a space of convergence of different fields and audiences, conducive of the intersection of different languages, integrating researchers from a variety of fields that contribute to imagine, research, design and implement the next generation of human-computer interaction systems combining the functional with the aesthetics of the experience, applied to a wide set of human activities and ideally inspiring new ones.

About Hung Hing Printing Group Limited (HKSE: 0450)
Hung Hing was founded by the Company’s former Honorary Chairman Mr Yam Cheong Hung in 1950. Over the past six decades, the Company has developed into one of the largest printers in Asia, with significant operations in book and package printing, consumer product packaging, corrugated box manufacturing and paper trading. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Company has four plants in China: three in the Guangdong province (Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Heshan) and one in Wuxi, near Shanghai. With its main focus on customers’ success, the Company harnesses the latest in technology and ideas to create print solutions through sustainable operating practice, and services multinational corporations from the U.S. and Europe as well as from domestic companies in China. The Company has a workforce of over 10,000 employees. It has been listed on The Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1992.

[EN] Hung Hing signed exclusive license agreement for Bridging Book technology
[PT] Gigante asiático vai usar tecnologia do engageLab nos seus produtos