Who am I

Hello there.

My name is Ana Carina Figueiredo.

I guess the designation that would best describe me is ‘I am an experience and engagement designer’. I used to call myself ‘a pixel  lover’ but lately this love has been challenged by the wonderful power of atoms. So, I’m interested in this blend between design, technology and the atoms-based daily life and the questions that arise from the pervasive use of computer technology, specially to create engaging experiences. I am looking for new opportunities where I can put my design, multimedia and technology skills to the service of society, using them with responsibility and creativity as tools of change, contributing to a more balanced and fair world.

I recently had a long-term volunteering experience in Africa, working for a development NGO. Previously I was a researcher at engageLab (University of Minho, Portugal), researching tangible and physical interfaces and new forms of interaction. Before that, I have been the manager of multimedia and design in a Portuguese NGO, and I have already worked as a multimedia developer, communication consultant, designer, video editor and programmer. In addition, I have been involved in artistic projects where I developed visual languages, thematic events, interactive installations…

I graduated in New Communication Technologies at the Department of Communication and Art (University of Aveiro) and I received my master’s degree in Technology and Digital Art from University of Minho.

The most profound technologies are those that disappear.
They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.

Mark Weiser (1999)